Patient Testimonials

I had lower back pain. I walked a mile and a half to a bus stop with my 5 lbs. lunch bucket in my left hand. That, along with the rough ride in the back of the bus and a few other unusual activities throughout the day, was all it took to put my lower back out of place. I didn't realize I had hurt my back until the next morining when I rolled out of bed. In addition to immediate pain relief upon the first adjustment from Dr. Myco, I mentioned some mid-back pain that I had learned to live with for the last 25 years, throughout which time I continually sought someone who could correct it. I've been to some very good chiropractors and a couple mediocre ones, and none of them could correct the pain in my middle back. Upon first attempt, Dr. Myco was able to diagnose and correct the problem which turned out to be a rib out of place. I walked out of his office without that constant variable pain. As I drove from the parking lot, I was overwhelmed for a moment with a sense of gratitude and shock. I exclaimed out loud (to myself), "He did it, he did it!" I had all but given up on attaining relief for this practically life-long condition that my new-found chiropractor so easily corrected. As I drove home, my mood was so light that everything seemed humorous!

Kelly M. Feb. 6, 2010

"I injured my low back lifting...and no more headaches!"

Through a corrective adjustment schedule, I am recovering nicely. And as a side benefit, I have not experienced headaches at all since starting chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Myco. I was getting headaches several times a week before.

Collin P.
July 1, 2009

"Dr. Myco is very good at what he does!"

I had pain in my right shoulder, so bad I could not sleep anymore. I could not not sit with my back against anything or lay on my back for six years. Right after my first visit with Dr. Myco, I could do all of these. After time, I had no pain. It turns out that I had torn ligaments in my shoulder. It got bad from working, but I still had no pain. Dr. Myco referred me to a real fine doctor who fixed my shoulder. I feel like a young man again!

Dave K.
August 19, 2009

"I can't say enough, thank you."

When I came to Dr. Myco because of a neck injury due to a car accident, I was re-thinking the path I had chosen for my career, which was dealing cards. I listened to all the veteran dealers complain about shoulder pain...then it happened to me. I hurt all throught my arm, shoulder and neck...Dr. Myco was the last resort. I was hoping to at least get rid of my daily headaches. He did that and more. I love dealing cards and I am confident that I will be able to for a very long time, thanks to Dr. Myco.

Shannon G.
April 2006

I was pregnant with my son when I came to see Dr. Myco due to a car accident. After giving birth, my son's left leg and foot were turned in causing him to trip and fall a lot. Two to three gentle visits later, he was walking almost perfectly straight. When he started running everywhere and not slowing down or falling, is when I realized it. I almost cried. He continues to come to keep straight but he has completely changed. I can't say enough - thank you.

Shannon G.
April 2006

"Walking was difficult!"

My lower back was way out of whack. Walking was difficult. Through a series of visits including massage, Dr. Myco was able to put me back in shape. I had tried others but the good doctor was the help and hope I needed.

Mel H.
May 4, 2006

I wanted better health/balance and to relieve my back pain. I have been set free of needing assistance to walk, get up either alone or mechanically in 14 months. Now that is what I call success/improvement. You have my vote!

Kurt W.
October 24, 2006

"Help with the Pain"

I had two spinal injections that was no help to the back pain or right leg pain. The doctor gave me pain pills to take for pain. I was on this for five months. I came to Dr. Myco to see if he could help with the pain. He said yes. I have come to Dr. Myco for 3 weeks. I am 75% pain free and on the road to a full recovery with no side effects. Thanks.

James W.
January 26, 2007

I could barely walk from being in the cleaning business for 5 years, all that bending, lifting and repetitive movement. Felt like I would never walk around without hurting ever again. Now I only hurt when I pull a muscle and something I never expected from the decision to get chiropractic work done has recently come up. I have not been sick for 6 months. By now I have usually been sick at least twice because the winter season and flu always taking a yearly toll out on me. Dr. Myco told me his work is proven to boost the immune system to work how it should and everyone should benefit from this. Thank you State Street Chiropractic!

Candice C.
August 2006

"I've never felt better, ever!"

I had chronic headaches caused from my neck and shoulder pain. My mid back and lower back throbbed with pain from an injury at work. I have benefited from just the adjustments alone. I've never felt better, ever!! Then there's the massage that just tops everything off. Thank you so much! I always look forward to coming in to see you guys.

Karen Q.
March 2007